Over the past few years, several articles have been written about Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) in Norwegian media and some initial research has also been conducted on the use of TRE. On this page we give an overview of the articles we have found from Norway and one from Denmark with a brief summary of the experiences mentioned in the articles.

Here you will find excerpts of the Norwegian language articles, translated to English. All links to go to Norwegian language blog posts on this site, with further links to the original source files.

Experience with TRE from the Danish MS Association

The Danish TV 2 reports that so far, about 800 members of the Sclerosis Society in Denmark have tried the method and many report positive effects.

Many of the participants have said that symptoms like fatigue, difficulty sleeping, spasticity, pain and even bladder problems have been reduced, among others. Some also mention that they have regained some of the feeling they have lost.

There is no indication that TRE affects the disease itself, but among the 800 patients, many have seen that the method helps to reduce some of the most troublesome symptoms associated with the disease.

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Erfaringer med TRE fra den Danske Scleroseforeningen

The effect of TRE on acting students

The researchers Thommessen and Fougner, in an article in the scientific magazine Journal Of Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, reports on their research on Norwegian acting students doing TRE weekly for a whole school year.

The researchers point out that an important factor here is the experience of accepting that their own and others’ emotions are laid bare which creates a sense of a caring classroom environment. The autonomous shaking process creates a deep sense of tension being released, often leading to intense emotional reactions that stimulated students’ curiosity.

Thommessen and Fougner conclude in their study that TRE is a useful tool when it comes to eliminating emotional tension and to raising awareness of one’s self as an individual and one’s own being, actions or thoughts, which helps increase focus and energy in the acting profession.

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Ny studie: Effekten av TRE for skuespillerstudenter.


Lower the stress level with TRE from the Defence Forum

The magazine “Forsvarets forum” (The National Defence Magazine, a magazine of the Norwegian armed forces) published an article on the 30th of September 2013 on TRE discussing how former Norwegian soldiers participated in TRE courses with the founder of the method, Dr. David Berceli. The purpose of the course was to learn to cope with stress and severe war traumas. David has also taught TRE to thousands of soldiers in the US Army as well as those in several other countries.

The idea for TRE came when Dr. David Berceli himself searched for treatments to work in public and private life, and his experiences from war zones in Africa and the Middle East.

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Forsvarets Forum: “Senk stressnivået med TRE”

Get the joy of life back with TRE

In the article from the magazine Psykisk helse (Mental health) you can read about how one of the participants in a TRE class recovered vitality and enjoyment of everyday life with the help of Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) after struggling with a lot of stress, worries and anxiety.

“More often than not, I think everything is going well,” she says to Mental Health stating that she is happier with life now and feels calmer and more relaxed after just three months of treatment.

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Få tilbake livsgleden med TRE

Shakes off stress and trauma

In the magazine Bedre helse (Better health) a participant reports on her experience.

“Shaking has a liberating and cleansing effect on the body and mind. I feel excited and happy afterwards”, says one participant.

Jakob Lothe, who was the leader of the Norwegian Chiropractor Association, tells Better Health that the TRE method is suitable for everyone.

“The method is based on releasing the tensions that are in the body, whether large or small.”
Psychologist Barbro Andersen is a certified TRE instructor with the longest experience using TRE in Norway. She also has long experience with other body-oriented methods for psychotherapy and trauma therapy and often uses TRE with clients.

She has seen that the method has a good effect on people struggling with unprocessed shock and post-traumatic stress, whether it’s in the therapy room or on courses, as well as those who want to better deal with general everyday stress in their body.

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Rister av seg stress og traumer

TRE helps even against the worst trauma

The magazin Veteran (magazine for ex-soldiers in Norway) interviews Dr. Sarah Mitic.

“Dr. Sarah Mitic at the Radium Hospital managed to overcome her traumas from the Yugoslav civil war with the help of TRE. The emotional trauma and stress manifested as physical pain and she suffered a back injury and understood that she needed help.

She came in contact with clinical psychologist, SE therapist and TRE instructor Barbro Andersen, who works extensively with body-oriented trauma therapy. After only 3 months, Sarah experienced major positive changes”.

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TRE hjelper selv mot de verste traumer

Get in balance with TRE

The magazine DN magasinet (largest Norwegian financial newspaper, weekend magazine edition) writes about a course in TRE and interviews participants.

One of the participants in the shaking course, a doctor, anthropologist, and professor of social medicine, geriatrics and general medicine at UiO says to DN Magazine, “TRE is a method that is well founded and documented”. She believes “Exercise provides better sleep and stress management.”

“After four or five miles on skis or bikes, I lie down on the floor and shake. It prevents soreness. After physical and mental stress, TRE makes me feel calmer in my body, calmer in my mind, and calmer in my thinking so that I feel balanced, healthy and tired but in a nice way.

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Skjelvetoktet. “Kom i balanse med TRE”

Wave of tremors

An article in the newspaper VG (largest Norwegian newspaper) writes about David Bercellis at at NSKI, a schools for actors where students for several years has been offered weekly classes in TRE.
One of the participants talks about why he uses TRE:

“I feel better and more present afterwards. The senses are heightened and experience things more strongly. I get relaxed and sharpened. TRE also has an emotional effect, where I notice that things are being processed.”

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