TRE Introduction Course

Introduction Course

TRE helps you facilitate the body’s natural release of stress and trauma using physiological mechanism of neurogenic tremors, and can help to increase vitality and resilience,  relieve muscle tension, pain, sleep problems, stress, inner turmoil, anxiety, etc.

This course is an introduction course for those who have no or little experience with TRE and who want to learnd the basic exercises in TRE properly and how to access the neurogenic tremors safely.

Course Dates

Our online TRE introduction courses are conducted via Zoom. Each course is 4 hours in total, on two dates of 2 hours.

  • Dates will come. Please register your interest here and we will send you the information when it is ready.



I have extensive experience with online courses and also with TRE. But there are some precautions we must take. Please carefully read the information about online courses in TRE further down the page.

“Thank you for a great course. I think it was good to take this course online, and for me, it felt more relaxing to do the exercises at home. Easy to understand the instructions even though it was online.”

Price and discount

The introductory course cost for first-time participants is 1190 KR.

The discount for students, social security, and former participants is 990 KR. If you are a student, disabled, live on social security, or are a former participant, you get a discount. If you fall into the categories mentioned before, you can write the discount code “TRE-student” in the discount field on the registration page.

Enrollment and payment

We use a registration and payment solution where you can pay by card in the usual way. You can pay via Bambora Worldline or Paypal.

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Deep Relaxation From the Body’s Core.

TRE, Trauma Release Exercises, is a method that helps to release and dissolve deep-seated tensions more profoundly and fundamentally than usual relaxation and tension-reducing techniques. TRE can be described as deep relaxation from the body’s core, where we can also work on dissolving emotional tensions, tensions caused by trauma, and long-term stress.

TRE can help to increase vitality and resilience,  relieve muscle tension, pain, sleep problems, stress, inner turmoil, anxiety, etc.

This course is for those who have no or little experience with TRE or want to understand the basic exercises in TRE and how to access the neurogenic tremors safely. If you like to take part in and repeat the course several times to learn more that is possible, and you will receive a discount.

You can read more about TRE here.

I have now been trying out the TRE method for almost three weeks. I am very satisfied with the way you communicated this “tool” and thought it was particularly good to receive both video and notes afterward. (This is especially with a view to remembering various exercises when one subsequently tries out the method alone). Concretely, I notice a significantly better quality of sleep and less stiffness/muscle tension in the body. Have performed the exercises 3-4 days apart. I am excited to see how the method will develop further in practical terms. Notice that the small, more frequent tremors in the muscles that occurred at the start have now turned into larger, more “stretching-like” muscle movements. Fascinating and exciting!

– Hilsen Anita.

The course is taught by Hans Holter Solhjell


I have taught in TRE since 2010, and I have also been a Global Certification Trainer in TRE. I have a master’s degree in pedagogy from the University of Oslo and wrote my thesis on topics related to stress, trauma, relationships, children’s development, and the process of change. I have also developed several practical stress, trauma, and conflict resolution models. One of these is The Response Funnel, which you can read more about here. In addition, I am trained in the Feldenkrais Method, Communicology, and Somatic Experiencing. On a daily basis, I work as a course instructor, course organizer, and supervisor with a focus on parents and relationships with children, communication and conflict management, and body-oriented pedagogy/self-development and trauma therapy.

You can read more about Hans on this page. 

“Thank you for a great course. It was absolutely great to carry it out on Zoom. Grateful for a new tool that I will be using weekly. Known good effect on body and soul. It’s wonderful to get a hold of what’s deep inside, which you may not have been able to reach before.”
– Line

“Thank you for a good online course! Very well executed, even though we were not physically together. It was professional and well done”.

– Inger

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Individual Learning Sessions with Hans Holter Solhjell

You can get individual Learning Sessions in TRE with Hans Holter Solhjell. These sessions are both for beginners and those with intermediate and advanced, long-term experience with TRE. You will learn how to go deeper into your TRE experience, work with sticking points in the process, and we also include other methods, like Somatic Experiencing, Awareness Trough Movement (The Feldenkrais Method) etc.

You can read more about Hans here.

Get in touch via the contact form.

Hans Holter Solhjell teaching TRE.

About the online course in TRE.

For those participants who want to enroll in an online course, it is important that you, as a participant, have some prior knowledge and experience with your own processes.

TRE is a method that, for the majority of people, is safe to work with but can also bring feelings and memories from the past to the surface. This experience is completely normal and is also an important part of this type of process. But it can be difficult to face the situation for the first time if you are not used to it and don’t have the confidence that you can help yourself if this happens. Becoming more confident and safe in oneself while acknowledging one’s own feelings and memories is part of what we work on in TRE. You learn more about this in our TRE courses and educational programs. But if this is extra challenging or unfamiliar to you, I would not recommend learning TRE for the first time online in a group session and rather book individual lessons.

The most important thing for participating in these courses is that you have some knowledge and experience with exercises that contribute to stabilization, resource orientation, and maintaining focus. You typically learn these exercises in meditation, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, etc., and in some types of therapy. Additionally, you will also learn more about this as well as practice it in this TRE introduction course. 

If you think it will be too much for you to learn TRE in an online course or in a group, refrain from signing up. Remember it is possible to get individual lessons online, or you can wait until it is again possible to complete regular courses and classes.

We conduct the online courses using Zoom.

“TRE has helped me to dissolve stuck patterns and ways of being, and now I am able to experience better sleep, and my body has become softer and more flexible in a broad perspective. The online TRE course on Zoom works very well, and the practical and theoretical are combined in a very clear and easy-to-understand way.”


“I think the course was informative, with appropriate information and easy-to-understand instructions. Well adapted to the individual. I am absolutely delighted that it has been online. Zoom worked well. Nice to be able to be in your own home and only focus on yourself. I would recommend the course to others.”

Vh Anne-Mette.

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