TRE® Global Certification Training in Oslo, Norway

Global TRE® Certification Training

Join us in Stavanger, Norway, or online via Zoom!

Dates: Friday to Sunday, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December.

This training teaches you how to use TRE as a personal practice, and how to safely guide individual clients and groups in a TRE session.
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When you join us you will have the opportunity to engage in self-work and self-study in working with yourself and your body in relation to trauma, deep-seated stress, physical and emotional tensions.


Professional training, personal goals

This training is geared towards professionals who want to certify as TRE providers. If you are interested in certification, you must attend the modules and complete a number of self-practice sessions, supervised sessions, lead a number of individual and group sessions, and complete a practical exam.

Read more about our requirements for participation here, and requirements for certification here. For dates and prices click here.


TRE practice, sharing and theory

This Global TRE® Certification Training is delivered in two modules. We meet for 7 hours per day, with a one-hour lunch break.Each module consists of three full training days.

We have three main activities each day, doing TRE, sharing experiences and questions, and lectures with theory. For a full overview of the requirements for certification please see below on this page.

Participate for your own benefit and process

Many people participate in the TRE training program without wanting to work toward certification. This option may suit you if you want to learn more about TRE for your own personal process and gain a better understanding of trauma and the effects of stress and trauma on the body and the nervous system.

You will be able to invest your time in self-work and receive guidance in relation to your own process while learning in a group setting.


Interest list
If the available dates don’t fit your schedule, click on the link bellow and send us your contact information. We’ll inform you when new dates are available.

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Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®)

The Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (or TRE®) was developed by Dr. David Berceli. TRE consists of a series of exercises that help initiate and facilitate the body’s natural ability to release and regulate stress, tension, trauma, and more. 

TRE is useful for your own personal use in managing stress and is also a useful tool if you are working with clients and groups to teach them to better handle stress and increase their ability to regulate their nervous system. 


Hans TRE

TRE® Global Certification Trainer

Hans Holter Solhjell

Hans will be leading this TRE training program. He is a Norwegian educator, trainer and practitioner of several learning, change and body oriented methods, such as the Feldenkrais method, TRE, Somatic Experiencing. He also works with parents, kindergartens and schools with a focus on communication, conflict resolution, and developmentally supportive relationships with children.

Read more about Hans here.

I became actively involved in self-development as a student in my early 20’s and have been focused on learning, self-development and change processes, body-oriented methods, communication, conflict resolution, parenting, trauma therapy, Integral theory and various sports activities like barefoot running, total immersion swimming, skiing, self-defense, Aikido, Krav Maga etc.

I have trained in and are a practitioner of several practices, the Feldenkrais Method, Communicology, the Sounder Sleep System, Somatic Experiencing (SE), and am also certified as a Trainer in Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).

After completing a major in pedagogy, and also worked at the Police College in Oslo, where I taught psychology with an emphasis on stress management and conflict resolution. I have been teaching courses, trainings, and counseling in private practice since 2006.

In my private practice, I work with councelling and courses for parents, trainings for staff in kindergartens and schools, with body-oriented trauma therapy, and body oriented learning and development processes.

I have also developed several practical models for self-development and developmentally supportive conflict resolution, among them the PLS (Positive Learning Spirals) regulation support model, a practically oriented method for development-supportive communication and conflict resolution in relationships with children.

You can read more about me here.

Hans Holter Solhjell

Hans is also the developer of The Response Funnel Model, which you can download below.

response funnel

Download The Response Funnel model here!

The Response Funnel is a new and innovative model in the field of trauma, conflict resolution, relationships, and self-development.

To receive information about The Response Funnel please register for our newsletter. You will then receive a free copy of The Response Funnel.

Content for Each Module

Each module has three main activities. First, learning about and experiencing TRE as a practice, second, sharing and Q/A regarding the practice of TRE and third, theory related to TRE, stress and trauma. 

In module 1 the focus is more on your personal TRE experience, and in module 2 we also focus on how to teach TRE, in addition to continuing and deepening your personal TRE experience. 

The plan described here is general and can be adapted to fit the need and timing of the group process. Some topics will be discussed in both modules. 

In Module 1 you will learn:

  • TRE® as a personal practice and gain experience with how it works overtime
  • Basic grounding and containment techniques
  • Variations on the basic TRE exercises and positions
  • Observe your body and adapting to your patterns of tremoring and capacity for self-regulation
  • Self-determination, agency, and self-regulation 
  • Self-adaptation and personalization of exercises
  • Basic understanding of the brain and the nervous system in stress and trauma
  • The polyvagal theory and the vagus nerve
  • Social engagement, Flight and Fight
  • Memory systems in trauma and therapy
  • Basics of Freezing, Flooding, and Dissociation

In Module 2 you will learn:

  • Deepen your own TRE practice
  • How to teach TRE® to individuals and groups
  • Observe tremors in others
  • Self-regulation in the role as instructor
  • How to teach grounding, self-regulation, self-determination and agency while instructing exercises
  • More on Freeze, Flooding and Dissociation
  • Practice grounding and stabilization techniques for flooding and overwhelm
  • Basic modifications of TRE exercises for various individuals/injuries and physical limitations
  • Understand how stress and trauma settle in the body, and why TRE exercises and neurogenic tremor can be useful in regulating stress
  • Introduction to hands on interventions

Do you have questions about the training program?

You can contact Hans by email here.

Dates, Costs & Registration Details:


New dates coming soon.

Module 1:

  • Friday to Sunday 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December.

Module 2:

  • Dates will be announced later
  • Time: We meet each day from
    • 9 am to 4 pm Oslo, CET.
    • For online participants, find your local time here.
  • Location
    • Holistisk senter, Pedersgata 32C, Stavanger, Norway.
    • You can also participate online via Zoom.

Language: This training will be held in English

Please note:

  • Sessions will be on location in Oslo, with the possibility to participate online using Zoom.
  • Registration is confirmed upon receipt of payment and payments are non-refundable.

Interest list
If the available dates don’t fit your schedule, click on the link bellow and send us your contact information. We’ll inform you when new dates are available.

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  • Price for module 1: 6200 NOK (Norwegian kroner).
  • Price for module 2: 6600 NOK (Norwegian kroner).
  • Price for both modules when paid together: 11500 NOK.

Early bird for module 1 in Stavanger, when paid before 1st of November: 5900 NOK.

  • Payment: When you send in the registration form and we accept your application we will send you a link to our online payment page, to pay online. If you need an invoice to pay via bank transfer we can provide an invoice.

Additional Supervision Costs for Certification:

  • Personal Sessions – you tremor w/ supervision (4): US$125 
  • Individual Sessions – you lead a client w/ supervision (4): US$125
  • Group Sessions – you lead a group w/ supervision (4): US$125
  • Final Exam — you lead a group w/ supervision (1): US$280


Supervision Package: All 13 sessions pre-paid with 10% discount: US$1600.

Prerequisites for Participating in the 

TRE® Certification Program:

In order to be able to complete this  training safely, it is preferable that you as a participant have some prior knowledge and experience with TRE for personal use. This is important more so for online participants.

TRE is a method that is safe to work with for most people, although it can bring buried emotions and memories from the past to the surface. This is a normal and important part of this type of process, and this can be demanding to face for the first time. You should be confident that you can be with and help yourself if this happens. 

One of the things we work on with TRE is to help you increase your self-awareness and self-regulation, especially when it comes to dealing with your feelings and memories. You will learn more about this and receive support in this during the course of the training program. 

However, if you are a first-time participant in a body-oriented process, and if this seems challenging, either physically or mentally, we do not recommend starting your TRE journey in a training program, especially not online, and rather start with individual sessions or an introduction course.

To participate, the most important thing is that you have some knowledge of and experience with exercises that contribute to stabilization, resource orientation and focusing on the here and now. These are exercises you typically learn in meditation, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, and other such practices, as well as in some types of therapy, like Somatic Experiencing. While you will learn a lot about this in this training program, we recommend having some experience with this before enrolling. 

If you are interested in participating in the training and have no prior experience with TRE, please reach out and book a private session with Hans or someone in your local area.

Have you participated in a TRE training previously? 

You can enroll in this training as a repeat student, whether it was with us or elsewhere. Participating again will give you an opportunity for a deeper exploration of your own process and help you on the path to certification. 

This also applies if you are already certified as a TRE instructor and will give you an opportunity to develop further as a TRE provider and it will also count as part of the process to become a TRE advanced provider or mentor. 

As a returning participant, you have the opportunity to deepen your own process, as well as your understanding of the teaching process and role as an instructor.  

The price is 4000 NOK for previous participants. Please mention your previous training and/or certification when registering.

TRE® Certification Requirements:

In order to be certified and use TRE as a tool in working with clients, individually or in groups from this training program, it is necessary to have relevant education and/or experience in health and social sciences, social work, pedagogy, psychotherapy, mindfulness, trauma therapy, or body-oriented work as a yoga instructor, massage therapist, Feldenkrais practitioner, meditation or mindfulness teacher, or related. 

If you have experience from similar activities, but not as an educator/therapist/practitioner, you also have the opportunity to participate. Please state your intention, as well as your education and professional background when registering.

Apart from completing Modules 1 and 2, you need to complete the following requirements:

  • 40 personal TRE sessions and journaling – where you guide yourself through the shaking process – journaling about your experience, what you noticed and observations about your process over time
  • 4 personal supervised TRE sessions with a certified TRE instructor – where you are guided through the process by a certified TRE instructor (can be done via Zoom)
  • 4 individual TRE sessions – where you guide another through the shaking process and receive feedback on the session from a certified TRE instructor (can be done via video)
  • 4 group TRE sessions – where you guide a group of 3+ through the shaking process and receive feedback on the session from a certified TRE instructor (can be done via video)
  • Reading and writing assignments

For the individual and group sessions, the supervisor can join remotely by video or the sessions can be recorded for later viewing by the supervisor. Read the full description of the TRE instructor certification requirements here.