The Global Response Funnel Project

Help translate The Response Funnel Model

Global Response Funnel Project

The global response funnel project aims to translate
The Response Funnel Model
into more languages.

The Response Funnel Model synthesizes information about
stress, trauma, self-regulation, co-regulation, regulation-support, regulation capacity and self-development, communication and conflict resolution
to make it easy to teach, learn, and put into practice.

You can read more about The Response Funnel Model on this page,

response funnel

Download The Response Funnel model here!

The Response Funnel is a new and innovative model in the field of trauma, conflict resolution, relationships, and self-development.

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The main practical part of this project is to translate The Response Funnel Model into more languages and create a community to support this work.

The translated models will be made available for free as a PDF in A4 format to download from this website.

Images for use in PowerPoint presentations might also be made available for sale if there is an interest in this. Translators will receive these for free.

If you would like to volunteer to help translate the model into your language, the best way to connect is to become a member of The Response Funnel Model Facebook group. You can find this group here,

I will do regular zoom calls to support the work of translators, present the model and answer questions. If you are interested in these calls please connect via the Facebook group or register on my newsletter. The recordings from these Zoom calls will also be uploaded to my YouTube channel here,

The next phase will be to make courses and training available in English and later in other languages by local teachers/trainers.

Global Response Funnel Model

Hi and welcome to The Global Response Funnel Project!

I want to invite you to be part of this community to translate The Response Funnel Model into more languages.

My name is Hans and I am a Norwegian educator, trainer, and practitioner of several learning, change and body-oriented methods, such as the Feldenkrais method, TRE®, and Somatic Experiencing.

In addition to my work with body-oriented methods, learning, stress, and trauma, I also work with parents, kindergartens, and schools with a focus on communication, conflict resolution, and developmentally supportive relationships with children.

To help facilitate change and make learning and teaching these complex topics and skills easier I have created several practical-pedagogical models that greatly improve participants’ ability to transfer theoretical knowledge into real-life skills and often life-changing practice.

My intention is to translate these models into more languages. And to start with The Response Funnel Model. Please join the Facebook group if you are interested in more information about The Response Funnel Model.