TRE continuing education course

TRE® continuing education

Weekend Course in Oslo, Norway

New dates will come.

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After a long period where it has been difficult to meet in person, we finally have the opportunity to get together again!

Join and learn more about TRE and get support in your personal process. Over this weekend course, you get professional and personal replenishment, and a continuation of your education in TRE.

This course is for those who:

  • Are certified as a TRE instructor
  • Are in a process to certify as a TRE instructor
  • Have participated in at least one of the modules of a TRE training and want new inspiration in your personal or/and certification process.
  • Anyone who have a long term TRE self-practice and want to learn more, deepen the practice and join with others in this process.


Where: In Oslo and Online

The weekend course in Oslo will be held at: Dronningens gate 23, at Medisinsk Yoga og Mindfulness.

If you cannot make it in person, you can participate online via Zoom.

Date: New dates will come. Please register interest on this page.

Price: 3900 Norwegian kroner.

If you like, you can join for dinner on Saturday after the course at 17:00. It is also possible to gather on Friday for dinner at 18:00 for those who would like to meet. The times will be finalised according to what is practical for the group.

Course Content

We will work on the topics listed below over the course of the weekend. We will cover the topics broadly and go further in-depth into particular topics depending on what seems most relevant and interesting to the group.

Autonomous processes beyond tremor.
– Crying, activated breathing etc., emotional vocalization, coughing, laughter, fascia movements and fascia breathing etc.

Hands-on work on your own body.
– How to work with your own hands on your own body.

Hands on support.
– Learn hands-on techniques. We work in pairs and support each other using our hands.

Body-oriented trauma work in a long-term perspective.
– The dynamics of long-term body-oriented processes.

TRE in interaction with other methods.
– Cognitive, body-oriented, and conversation methods.

Cognitive techniques for working with explicit memories.
– 1, 3, and 4 position exercises.

More positions and exercises.
– Learn how to adapt the positions to the tremors and following the body, and not get stuck in the basic positions.

Prerequisites for participation

It is a prerequisite for participation that you have experience of doing TRE yourself and that you have experienced good benefits from this.

You receive help and support during the course but must also have experience of regulating your own process yourself and experience that TRE is safe for you to do and that you can self-regulate as well.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.

Course Leader

Your course leader is Hans Holter Solhjell.

Read more about Hans here.

I became actively involved in self-development as a student in my early 20’s and have been focused on learning, self-development and change processes, body-oriented methods, communication, conflict resolution, parenting, trauma therapy, Integral theory and various sports activities like barefoot running, total immersion swimming, skiing, self-defense, Aikido, Krav Maga etc.

I have trained in and are a practitioner of several practices, the Feldenkrais Method, Communicology, the Sounder Sleep System, Somatic Experiencing (SE), and am also certified as a Trainer in Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).

After completing a major in pedagogy, and also worked at the Police College in Oslo, where I taught psychology with an emphasis on stress management and conflict resolution. I have been teaching courses, trainings, and counseling in private practice since 2006.

In my private practice, I work with counseling and courses for parents, trainings for staff in kindergartens and schools, with body-oriented trauma therapy, and body oriented learning and development processes.

I have also developed several practical models for self-development and developmentally supportive conflict resolution, among them the PLS (Positive Learning Spirals) regulation support model, a practically oriented method for development-supportive communication and conflict resolution in relationships with children.

You can read more about me here.

Response Funnel Model

Download The Response Funnel model here!

The Response Funnel is a new and innovative model in the field of trauma, conflict resolution, relationships, and self-development.

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