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Danish TV2 has an article and TV feature about the Danish Muscular Sclerosis Association and their experiences with Trauma Release Exercises (TRE). 800 of their members have learned TRE through courses and other offers through sponsorship and help from the Association with positive experiences to share.

The article interviews Anette Brink who talks about how the TRE tremors alleviate the pain. Practicing TRE has resulted in an improvement of her health to the extent that she is not dependent on pain medication to function anymore. She has now returned to the workforce and is no longer disabled.

So far, about 800 members of the MS Association in Denmark have tried the method and many talk about positive effects. Over several years, our psychologists have taught TRE to the members of the MS Association, says their head of research, Lasse Skovgaard, describing many positive experiences.

He explains that TRE is a self-help method, believed to be completely safe. They conducted a pilot study that presents positive indications that TRE can help reduce the symptoms of MS. Additionally they are currently planning a more extensive study to gain further insights.

There is no evidence that TRE affects the disease itself. However, observations from the 800 patients show that the method effectively helps reduce some of the most troublesome symptoms that accompany the disease.

Many participants have reported that symptoms like fatigue, difficulty sleeping, spasticity, pain and even bladder problems were reduced. Some also felt that they regained some of the sensations of touch they had lost. Many were able to reduce symptom-suppressing medicine, says research manager Lasse Skovgaard.

Anette Brink emphasizes that TRE is not a “miracle cure” that works instantly. TRE is a process you work with over time. The method cannot cure chronic disease or replace other psychological and medical modalities and treatments. TRE can be an eminent health enhancing supplementary practice she says.

You can read more about the experiences of the Danish Sclerosis Association in this article and the TV feature from Danske TV2,