Individual sessions and supervision with Hans Holter Solhjell

Body-oriented self-development, trauma work, relational process and conflict resolution

-For professionals, parents and those  interested in a body-oriented approach-

-TRE –Somatic Experiencing –Feldenkrais method –PLS Response Funnel–

-Supervision sessions for TRE instructors-


Sessions are done online via Zoom.

Who is this for?

  • Those who want to learn more about TRE®, the Feldenkrais method and body-oriented approaches to learning and personal development and go further in your personal process.
  • TRE® instructors who want supervision sessions and discuss their client cases.
  • Parents who want to self-regulate better and resolve difficult situations and conflicts with their children better.
  • Parents of children/youths with self-regulation challenges who experience challenging situations, conflicts and aggression.
  • Those who feel the effects of stress and trauma, and want to include working with the body in their process.

Do you want to:

  • Move easier, more efficiently, comfortably and safe?
  • Become freer and more secure in yourself, emotionally, physically and socially?
  • Improve technique and performance in sport, dance and music?
  • Recover better after training, injuries, accidents or operations?
  • Sleep better and have more energy and vitality?
  • Walk or run easier and better?
  • Develop your capacity for self-regulation, vitality and the experience of inner freedom.
  • Become more confident in your parenting role?

Then individual lessons are a good choice!

Other topics of special interest:

Running technique

I work with a natural style of running, based on barefoot running, using your body weight efficiently and coordinate your movement patterns to help you develop a relaxed and efficient running technique.

Walk better and easier

Here you learn to walk easily, comfortably and with flow again. This is especially useful for those who have had injuries, operations or other things that have made it more difficult than before to walk easily and with fluidity.


You can buy individual sessions or packages of 5 or 10 sessions.

One session is one hour. You can also choose longer sessions, 1.5 or two hours.

The first sessions usually lasts 1.5 hours.

Prices are in US dollars.

  • One session: USD 150.

You can buy packages of sessions.

  • Package of 5 sessions: USD 650.
  • Package of 10 sessions: USD 1100.

A decision to pay for a package can be made after the first session and then includes the first session.



For those on long-term sick leave, disabled and students, there is a 20% discount for 1 and 1.5 hours, and a 10% discount for the package of 5 and 10 hours.

Coupon Codes to be used on the payment page. You will receive the link by email.

  • Student teaching 20
  • Student teaching 10


Get in touch via the email form to make an appointment.

Please briefly present what you want to work with and learn more about in the sessions.