TRE® Tremoring While Sitting with Hans Holter Solhjell

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About this course

Mostly, TRE® is done with the basic series of exercises in standing and then tremoring lying on the floor. Sitting exercises are mostly seen as a modification for those who can not do the standing exercises.

In this series, we will focus on how tremoring while sitting can be useful for everyone.  Tremoring in sitting has many possibilities for tremoring, autonomous movement and following the body that is not possible or not easy to do lying down.

Learning to tremor in more positions can also provide more embodied integration and grounding. For beginners not familiar with body work, and those more familiar with talk therapy, not used to being on the floor, tremoring while sitting can also make provide a sense of familiarity and safety. Tremoring while sitting can also make it easier to combine tremoring with other modalities, like more cognitive and talk oriented trauma therapies, Somatic Experiencing style methods etc.

Hans Holter Solhjell

In this 3 part series of sessions you will learn about:

  • How to access the tremors in sitting as well as several variations to access tremoring in the upper body, the spine, ribcage, arms, shoulders etc.
  • When and for what types of autonomous movements tremoring while sitting is better than lying on the floor.
  • How to combine tremoring on the floor and in sitting in a session, when it can be useful to transition from the floor to sitting, and back again.
  • What types of chairs are good choices, as well as tremoring while sitting on the floor.
  • Combining TRE® and tremoring while sitting with other methods.

The sessions builds on each other, but its ok to sign up later if you can not participate in the first session.

Who are these sessions for?

These sessions are for those with quite a bit of experience with TRE® as a personal practice, as well as TRE® instructors and trainers. These are not beginner sessions and provide additional ideas, exercises, and interventions compared to the basic set of TRE® exercises. To participate, you need to have the experience that you can do TRE safely by yourself, in your own space. We will provide support and guidance, but the sessions are online and not for beginners or those in need of individual therapy. In this case, introduction courses and individual sessions are recommended.


The sessions will be recorded, and the recordings will be available to buy later. As a participant in the sessions, you will receive access to the recordings. You also need to agree that the sessions are recorded and sold later.

Connect and share

The purpose of these sessions are also to connect with others who practice TRE® to share experiences, ask questions, support and learn from each other.

Price: 49$ per session.

Discount: If you sign up for two sessions you will receive a 10% discount, and for three sessions a 20% discount.

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Facilitated by Hans Holter Solhjell

TRE® Global Certification Trainer, Conflict Resolution Trainer, SE and Feldenkrais Method Practitioner

Hans Holter Solhjell

Read more about Hans here.

I became actively involved in self-development as a student in my early 20’s and have been focused on learning, self-development and change processes, body-oriented methods, communication, conflict resolution, parenting, trauma therapy, Integral theory and various sports activities like barefoot running, total immersion swimming, skiing, self-defense, Aikido, Krav Maga etc.

I have trained in and are a practitioner of several practices, the Feldenkrais Method, Communicology, the Sounder Sleep System, Somatic Experiencing (SE), and am also certified as a Trainer in Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).

After completing a major in pedagogy, and also worked at the Police College in Oslo, where I taught psychology with an emphasis on stress management and conflict resolution. I have been teaching courses, trainings, and counseling in private practice since 2006.

In my private practice, I work with councelling and courses for parents, trainings for staff in kindergartens and schools, with body-oriented trauma therapy, and body oriented learning and development processes.

I have also developed several practical models for self-development and developmentally supportive conflict resolution, among them the PLS (Positive Learning Spirals) regulation support model, a practically oriented method for development-supportive communication and conflict resolution in relationships with children.

You can read more about me here.

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