TRE® talk and tremor session

TRE® for refugees talk

Thursday 28th of April | 5 pm – 6 pm CET.

This is a free talk and open to anyone.


Sarah Zorica Mitic

Dr. sci. med, TRE® trainer and trauma therapist

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In this talk Sarah Zorica Mitic will talk about her experience teaching TRE® to refugees in Norway. She will present a review of a program where TRE® was taught as part of an integration program for refugees who had been granted residence in Norway. Sarah was the director of the TRE® part of this program. She will also talk about her experience teaching TRE® to refugee populations in Turkey and the former Yugoslavia.

TRE® can also be useful for those working with refugees, both volunteers and professionals. The role as helper can be highly stressful and even cause secondary trauma. The role of TRE® in this work will be presented.

Topics that will be covered are:

  • -What is TRE®?
  • -War, political persecution, displacement and trauma.
  • -Trauma, the body, the brain and the nervous system.
  • -Surviving and adapting to life as a refugee.
  • -Phases in the adaptation to life in a new country.
  • -How TRE®, understanding trauma and other methods can help.
  • -Considerations and precautions.
  • -The role as helper and bystander trauma.
  • -TRE® for those working with refugees

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TRE® Q&A and tremor session

Thursday 28th of April | 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm CET.

TRE® exercises and tremoring while sitting on a chair.

By Dr. sci. med. Sarah Zorica Mitic

In this two hour session you can ask questions related to the topic of the talk.  Sarah will demonstrate various TRE® interventions and modifications. The main topic will be doing TRE® while sitting on chair. Everyone will have the opportunity to experience the exercises and tremor in this session.

  • Price: 450 NOK.
  • Discount: If you sign up for two sessions the total price is 800 NOK.
  • If you sign up for three sessions the total price is 1100 NOK.

The session will be recorded and available for later viewing.

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About Sarah Zorica Mitic

Dr. sci. med. Sarah Zorica Mitic is a retired medical doctor and specialist with 40 years of work experience in the health systems in several different countries. She grew up in a multicultural society, and she has extensive experience working with several cultures and religions.

She has always had a special interest in trauma therapy and has a doctorate in psychosomatics and psychophysiology – with a focus on fear.

Dr. Mitic is educated in Somatic Experience, Brain-spotting, NARM, SOMA, and is a TRE® Global Certification Trainer (Trauma Tension Releasing Exercises). She is the author of several academic books and articles. More information about these works can be found at


Sarah will speak at

TRE® talk and tremor sessions

Thursday 28th of April at 5 pm – 6 pm CET.

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TRE® for refugees talk

from Thursday 28th of April | 5 pm – 6 pm CET.