TRE® exercises in depth part 1

The basic TRE® exercises have a larger potential to help us go deeper into the tremoring than what is realised by most, while at the same time experiencing more embodied integration, grounding and safety.

We can achieve this trough including more awareness of movement as well as a focus on safe, integrated balance in our practice of the exercises.

The standing exercises then also become something not just to move quickly trough to get to the tremoring, but something to enjoy and benefit from as well.

This is the first in a series of three sessions where we focus on tremoring in standing, and exploring different ways to tremor in standing and how to do it safely.

The sessions will be recorded and the recordings available to buy also later. As a participant in the session you will receive access to the recording.

Hans Holter Solhjell

The purpose of these sessions are also to connect with others who practice TRE® to share experiences, support and learn from each other.

Price: 490 NOK (Norwegian Kroner).
about 46 EUR or 49 USD

We have a discount per session if you sign up for two or tree sessions. Please see information on the sign up page.

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