Healthy Spine – Going back to the primary stages in our development

A free Child’Space lesson with Ortal Goldshmid

This movement lesson derives from the developmental journey a baby is going through during the first months of life, lying on the belly (in prone) turning the head from side to side, pressing the ground to discover movements that bring comfort and pleasure, gradually preparing the ability to rise from the floor.

It is based on Dr. Chava Shelhav’s Developmental Movement Explorations. Chava Shelhav is the creator of the Child’Space method, based on the Feldenkrais method, which I have practiced for over 15 years and teaching in certification trainings around the world.

Exploring these primary movements as adults you will find how easy and wonderful it is to awaken the curves of your spine, reactivating a spinal chain movement and mobility in between the vertebrae and ribs. Mobility which improves side-bending and rotation and helps your back and head organize in upright position without effort.

As babies, we learn about ourselves, our body and movement through our contact with the floor.  Receiving Sensory stimulation which builds the maps in our brain. So much development and learning is already happening even before we start to move in space.

This is the foundation of the self in interaction with the environment.

I invite you to learn more about the Child’Space method, where we go back in time, to give yourself the opportunity to explore with mindfulness and curiosity, the way you learned about yourself in relation to the environment, in the very beginning.


6-week online introduction to the Child’Space method.

You now have the possibility to join me for a series of six online weekly meetings, exploring primary stages in our development.

In this course I will guide you through six movement lessons. Each lesson communicates with the former and latter, following the developmental sequence.

You will also receive information about each stage we explore, how it contributes to growth in all aspects- motor skills, social-emotional development, language and learning skills, coordination, balance and orientation.

And you will have the opportunity to reflect on the process you went through, connecting to your sensations, your quality of movement, your feelings and thoughts, occurring after the lesson and during the following week.

I will also support you to bring your experiences into your life and family. In our Child’Spase professional training program you also learn to bring the method into your practice and clients.

If you find yourself interested in knowing more about how one can support babies’ natural development through touch, movement, nurturing environment and parental guidance, you are welcome to join me into the fascinating world of Child’Space.

I believe that each person will find these lessons enriching in her/his way, just as I did 16 years ago and I still discover new things, even today.


You can read more about the online course on this page,

Movement and early learning


Sincerely yours,

Ortal Goldshmid