Hans interviewed by Alex Greene on The Red Beard Embodiment Podcast

Exploring Self-Improvement, Repair and Healing:

A Journey through Neuropsychology and Mind-Body Methods

Hans Holter Solhjell interviewed by Alex Greene of The Red Beard Embodiment Podcast

The Red Beard Embodiment podcast explores how embodiment practices, trauma healing, and knowledge of the human nervous system can help individuals find their ground, discover meaning, and build connections in an ever-changing world.


Host Alex Green interviewed Hans Holter Solhjell, a TRE Global Certification Trainer and practitioner of several body oriented methods, SE (Somatic Experiencing) and the Feldenkrais method. Hans is also the creator of several models related to conflict resolution and developmental support in relationships with children,


In the conversation Hans shares about his personal experiences with emotional tension, social anxiety and stuttering and his journey using bory-oriented methods to free himself of these issues and improve his emotional, relational and physical well-being and vitality. And they discuss how nervous system regulation works and its importance in conflict resolution and communication, particularly with children.


You are invited to listen to the conversation on Alex Greenes podcast and Youtube channel here,

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