TRE training online English

TRE group for TRE training trainees and practitioners


  • Are you looking for more opportunities to gather with other TRE students and practitioners?
  • Do you have questions or experiences you would like to discuss with your TRE colleagues?
  • Would you like more support in your training process?


Join us for a three-session series meeting in November and December. We are happy to provide a space for those of you who have attended a TRE training — whether you are pursuing certification or not — and are looking to deepen your personal practice, hang out with others who love TRE, and be in community.

The groups are initially for those who have participated in a TRE instructor training with Hans and Robyn but participants in other trainings are also welcome!


Each call will be 2 hours long and include questions, discussion, and a tremoring group session.

What the calls will include:

  • Ask Questions
  • Receive support in your TRE process
  • Receive support in your certification process, if applicable
  • Learn more about TRE and deepen your knowledge and practice
  • Learn from each other, share, and be in community
  • Experience more group tremoring
  • Observe individual TRE sessions with commentary from Hans

Time and Dates:

9:30 – 11:30 am Pacific / 6:30 – 8:30 pm Central European

  • Wednesday, November 3rd.
  • Thursday, December 2nd.
  • Thursday, December 16th.


  • Pay per session: $40 each
  • Pay for all three: $100 total

Hans Holter Solhjell

Hans Holter Solhjell
Read more about Hans here.

I became actively involved in self-development as a student in my early 20’s and have been focused on learning, self-development and change processes, body-oriented methods, communication, conflict resolution, parenting, trauma therapy, Integral theory and various sports activities like barefoot running, total immersion swimming, skiing, self-defense, Aikido, Krav Maga etc.

I have trained in and are a practitioner of several practices, the Feldenkrais Method, Communicology, the Sounder Sleep System, Somatic Experiencing (SE), and am also certified as a Trainer in Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).

After completing a major in pedagogy, and also worked at the Police College in Oslo, where I taught psychology with an emphasis on stress management and conflict resolution. I have been teaching courses, trainings, and counseling in private practice since 2006.

In my private practice, I work with councelling and courses for parents, trainings for staff in kindergartens and schools, with body-oriented trauma therapy, and body oriented learning and development processes.

I have also developed several practical models for self-development and developmentally supportive conflict resolution, among them the PLS (Positive Learning Spirals) regulation support model, a practically oriented method for development-supportive communication and conflict resolution in relationships with children.

You can read more about me here.

Robyn Dalzen

Robyn Dalzen
Read more about Robyn here.

I am an intimacy coach, facilitator, and certified TRE® provider. I help people feel at home in their bodies, create boundaries in all aspects of their lives, and deepen their joy and intimacy.

I have been working in this area for five years (after a 15-year career in leadership development in the environmental sector).

I am co-founder of the School of Consent with Dr. Betty Martin, creator of the Wheel of Consent — a model for creating agreements that bring integrity to relating.

You can read more about me here.