TRE® talk and tremor session


Richmond Heath

Physiotherapist, TRE® Certification Trainer and Founder of TRE® Australia

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TRE® for Peak Sports Performance

Wednesday 13th of July | 8 am – 9 am CET.

This is a free talk and open to anyone.

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People looking to improve their performance (especially at the elite level) are generally not interested in learning about stress or hearing about trauma– they’re focused on future outcomes & what they can do to achieve them.

They need to know how TRE® can help them:

  • train strength beyond their 1-repetition max
  • improve their heart-rate variability so they can recover faster from training
  • keep them calm & relaxed under pressure so they can make better decisions
  • improve their dynamic core stability to prevent injury & optimize speed & power
  • support & enhance other treatments for injury recovery
  • help them drop into ‘the zone’ where all peak performance occurs – both individually & collectively with their team-mates
Only then might they be interested in understanding how physically releasing stress & tension from their body will support their mental health & physical well-being, or that if they want to sustain elite performance over time they will need to become elite sleepers as well.

In this talk we will cover all this & more so you can use TRE® to improve your performance or support others to improve theirs.

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Q&A & Guided Tremor Session

Wednesday 13th of July | 9 am – 11 am CET.

Led by Richmond Heath and Hans Holter Solhjell

Following the free talk you are invited to join a 2 hour Q&A session that will incorporate a guided group tremor. Richmond will do the first hour of this session and Hans will do the second hour. You will be welcome to ask questions on anything to do with the talk & have the opportunity to be guided by one of the leading TRE® trainers world-wide.

In the guided tremor there will be a focus upon:

  • recognizing & responding to subtle states of subconscious bracing against the tremor;
  • use of positioning to facilitate deeper tremoring;
  • integrating capping & weight-bearing of peripheral parts of the body to help centralize the tremors surrendering the mind to flow states during TRE®.

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About Richmond Heath

I am a Physiotherapist, TRE® Certification Trainer & the Founder of TRE® Australia.
With a background in high level sport I am passionate about empowering people to use TRE® to improve their performance & achieve their goals.

In addition to all the physical benefits of TRE® I am particularly passionate about the use of TRE® to entrain peak performance flow states, both for individuals & to create the neurobiological conditions required for group flow states essential to elite team performance.


Richmond Heath

Richmond will speak at

TRE® talk and tremor sessions

Wednesday 13th of July at 8 am – 9 am CET.

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