TRE® talk and tremor session


Robyn Dalzen

Intimacy Coach, Consent Trainer and TRE® provider

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TRE® and connecting to the Joy of Sensation

Wednesday 15th of June | 5 pm – 6 pm CET.

This is a free talk and open to anyone.

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Robyn’s work is at the intersection of mindfulness, consent, embodiment and sexuality — guiding people to slow down and bring awareness to what they desire, practice the skills to communicate those desires, and create clear agreements to receive exactly what they want.

Some of the benefits of TRE® include supporting people to connect to sensation in their body, to expand their capacity to feel and move emotion, and to self-regulate and choose their experience moment to moment. These skills and capabilities are essential to healthy relating and intimacy.

Robyn will talk about the role TRE® can play in this process, and how to integrate it with some of the other methods and tools in this field.

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TRE® Q&A and tremor session

Wednesday 15th of June | 6:15 pm – 8:15 pm CET.

TRE® and Waking the hands, a touch meditation

Led by Robyn Dalzen

In this two hour session you can ask questions related to the topic of the talk.

The conversation will be followed by a TRE® session led by Robyn, where the invitation will be to connect to the joy and pleasure of sensation while tremoring. She will be sharing with us another tool that supports self-regulation, connecting to sensation in the body, and creating more intimacy – a touch meditation called Waking up the Hands. This tool compliments TRE® and can be used in combination with the practice.

There will be time for questions and discussion.

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About Robyn Dalzen

I am an intimacy coach, facilitator, and certified TRE® provider. I help people feel at home in their bodies, create boundaries in all aspects of their lives, and deepen their joy and intimacy.

I have been working in this area for five years (after a 15-year career in leadership development in the environmental sector).

I am co-founder of the School of Consent with Dr. Betty Martin, creator of the Wheel of Consent — a model for creating agreements that bring integrity to relating.

You can read more about me here.

Robyn Dalzen
Robyn will speak at

TRE® talk and tremor sessions

Wednesday 15th of June at 5 pm – 6 pm CET.

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