TRE® Q&A and tremor sessions with Richmond Heath:
TRE® for Peak Sports Performance.

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Q&A & Guided Tremor Session

Led by Richmond Heath and Hans Holter Solhjell

Following the free talk you are invited to join a 2 hour Q&A session that will incorporate a guided group tremor. Richmond will do the first hour of this session and Hans will do the second hour. You will be welcome to ask questions on anything to do with the talk & have the opportunity to be guided by one of the leading TRE® trainers world-wide.

In the guided tremor there will be a focus upon:

  • recognizing & responding to subtle states of subconscious bracing against the tremor;
  • use of positioning to facilitate deeper tremoring;
  • integrating capping & weight-bearing of peripheral parts of the body to help centralize the tremors surrendering the mind to flow states during TRE®.